Wednesday Update – ATOM Token, Help Venezuela With STEEM, @MusicVoter, @MusicVoter2

If you are a regular reader of our updates or if you watch our live streams you will know that we are supporting a music school in Venezuela run by @kantos. They have their own STEEM account, @fundakantoria, and I was so pleased to see that STEEM is now buying them a little food to enjoy during their music lessons and performances! Watch their smiling faces and fantastic singing here.

If you think that STEEM is worthless due to the way it has dropped in price over the last year or so just watch the video below to see how much good it can do in a country where inflation is out of control and the average monthly wage is just $25!

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video about how you can help the school with even a tiny amount of STEEM or Steem Engine tokens. Thank you!



Join us in Discord to get support for your music.



Support independent musicians by joining the curation trail here.


Earn ATOM tokens listening to music on and use them to get upvotes for music related posts with @MusicVoter2. You may also receive DERANGED and BEER tokens.

  • Total @deranged.coin tokens: 45
  • Total BEER (by @detlev): 54

Use your ATOM tokens to request an upvote in our Discord.

Steem Engine Coins Staked By @MusicVoter


  • 41,507 Whalestake
  • 36 Pod Members
  • Current tip amount for anyone posting in the @atomcollector POD: 5 WLS Update

  • 4844 members

Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate with millions of downloads because it not only blocks ads but also because you can choose to support your favourite content creators with the BAT crypto currency.

Please use our referral link to receive some free BAT to use to support your favourite content providers.

You’ll even be able to earn BAT by viewing ads if you choose to do so. helps independent musicians in multiple ways:

You can sign up even if you are not a musician and still earn by following the instructions in the box on the main music player page.

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