ATOM & MusicVoter2 Just Got Stronger!!

The ATOM token has always been used to request upvotes for music related posts (music, reviews, photos, etc.) by @musicvoter2 via the #atom-token channel in our Discord (it is done this way rather than automatically to avoid rewarding spam).

Well now it just got a whole lot better thanks to a couple of Steem Engine tokens – DERANGED & BEER.

These tokens allow one or more posts to be rewarded with a full or partial token when held by the voting account and the correct command is used in a comment. Initially @musicvoter2 only has a small number of these so will reward posts randomly each day when ATOM is used to request an upvote. As time goes on we will be purchasing more and more so that everyone can be rewarded. You will see a comment left by @musicvoter2 and further comments by the BEER & DERANGED accounts telling you if your post has been rewarded or not.

We also burn all ATOM tokens that are used to request an upvote, reducing the supply.

As well as purchasing ATOM on you can also earn them listening to music on


Join us in Discord to get support for your music.



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Earn ATOM tokens listening to music on and use them to get upvotes for music related posts with @MusicVoter2.

Use your ATOM tokens to request an upvote in our Discord.

Steem Engine Coins Staked By @MusicVoter


  • 40,437 Whalestake
  • Current tip amount for anyone posting in the @atomcollector POD: 5 WLS Update

  • 4805 members

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