Top 10 Nothing But Thieves Songs

I’ve been in a big Nothing But Thieves mood recently having re-listened to their discography so I though I’d do a quick top 10 songs.

10. Wake Up Call (“Sometimes the hours are wasted, no one will give you the wake up call”)
9. Take This Lonely Heart (“Take this from me, take this lonely heart!”)
8. I’m Not Made By Design (“A-oooooh I’m not made, I’m not made by design”)
7. Excuse Me (“Excuse me while I run, I really got to get out of here”)
5. Particles (“And if I need to rearrange, my particles, I will for you”)
4. Neon Brother (“I heard my brother crying out”)
3. Gods (“Please, oh god, nothing more I can give them”)
2. Graveyard Whistling (“Let’s go out tonight, kill some stubborn myths”)
1. Six Billion (“Six billion lives looking for love, you can’t decide if it’s enough”)

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