Album Review #4 – What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? by Nothing But Thieves

The most recent release from Nothing But Thieves, What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? is a short EP released in 2018. The first time I listened to this album I didn’t like it that much and I thought it was just quite generic but a friend really loves it so I gave it another try and I do really love it now! Let’s take a look!

Forever & Ever More
Forever & Ever More starts out with a really awesome and energetic riff, almost like something Queens of the Stone Age would do, it’s one of NBT’s best riffs. This song has a great solo and also some of the most impressive drumming the band has ever done. This song also thankfully doesn’t fall into the verse chorus verse chorus etc structure, switching it up with an inventive section about 3/4 of the way through. Fantastic song.

Catchy vocal melodies here and excellent singing of course. The repetition of ‘gods’ at the start works as a really impressive hook for some reason. Great riffs here as well, the guys seem to be stepping up the instrumental game in this EP. Another fantastic song.

You Know Me Too Well
You Know Me Too Well has the most impressive singing on the album but the rest of the song is just a little bit too unexciting for me, it doesn’t really go anywhere. Still great though.

Take This Lonely Heart
More fantastic riffs and singing. The vocals on the chorus are impressive in a different way to last song, they’re like an endless onslaught at the chorus (“Take this from me, take this lonely heart”), they’re fantastic again.

A short but sweet EP from Nothing But Thieves which further shows them refining and being more comfortable in their style. I’m sensing some noticeable Queens of the Stone Age influence here, which is definitely not a bad thing (I love QOTSA a lot). It’s a fantastic EP! 9/10!

So that’s Nothing But Thieves done! One of my favourite recent bands, they’re consistently great to fantastic. I am definitely excited for more of their stuff.

Favourite Song: Six Billion
Favourite Album: Self-Titled (The EP is more consistent but I appreciate their first album more, also it has more 10/10 songs)
Least Favourite Song: Lover, Please Stay

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