Marvel Netflix Shows Intros Ranked

The MCU is gigantic. It has more than 20 movies now with many shows as well. Agents of SHIELD is my favourite but a lot of the Netflix ones are great too. The intros to the Netflix shows are on the whole great mood setters for the shows. There are 6 Marvel Netflix shows (which have unfortunately all been cancelled 🙁 ), they are Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Punisher. I’m going to go through each intro chronologically when each first season aired and rate them based on visuals and theme.


The first Marvel Netflix show has one of the best intros. The overbearing red is very fitting for the show (Daredevil’s costume is very red, of course) and some of the imagery is great. However, I just find it a bit boring after the first couple of times. Visuals get 7/10.

I absolutely love the theme though, it’s definitely one of my absolute favourites. It starts ominous and the builds to an epic climax. The main melody is incredibly simple but very effective. I also love the heartbeat at the end as a nod to Daredevil’s heightened senses. The theme gets a 9/10

Jessica Jones

I used to not like this intro very much probably due to the beginning bit, it just bored me at first. On rewatch it’s actually really great. The visuals are, much like Daredevil, very fitting. They are heavily stylized and very impressive to look at. The visuals get an 8/10.

I also didn’t used to like the music that much because of the boring start but that aspect is also great. It’s very fittingly noir-styled but then explodes at the end, showing the intensity of the show at times. It’s good but the first 30 seconds are just a bit too boring for me. Theme gets a 7/10

Luke Cage

This intro is much calmer than Daredevil and Jessica Jones, staying at a similar intensity for the whole duration. The things that are on Cage’s skin look very cool but otherwise this is just a sequence of images which is a bit bland. Visuals get a 6/10

Unlike most of the other shows the very start is actually my favourite bit of this intro. The song is very hip-hop styled, fitting the characters and the show. But as I’m not really a hip-hop fan it doesn’t grab me that much. Theme gets a 6/10

Iron Fist

The inky effect is quite cool-looking but the grey-black colour here is just so drab and boring. It’s just a bit boring in general. Visuals get 5/10

The music for this one is also a bit boring, it has an oriental tinge but it just sounds a bit…muted? It doesn’t really go anywhere. It hits a climax but it doesn’t really feel earned. Theme gets a 4/10.


This intro is definitely the most cinematic, in keeping with the city-wide protection theme of the Defenders as a group. I like how the characters blend in with the city and, while it’s simple, I like the fact that each character has a specific colour. Visuals get 7/10

While this theme is probably more ‘generic action movie’ I actually really like it. It’s simple but effective and the climax is great. Theme gets 7/10


The black and white colour scheme is very fitting here and I love the skull of guns at the end (even if it’s a bit overbearing). The intro is a bit simple, just being guns and smoke but the punisher is all about guns so it does make sense. I like it a lot. Visuals get 8/10

The theme is what really makes this intro shine. Daredevil used to be my favourite theme but this has overtaken it. It’s wonderfully sinister but also really catchy. The melody is simple yet perfect. I love it so much. Theme gets 10/10


6. Iron Fist 4.5/10
5. Luke Cage 6/10
4. Defenders 7/10
3. Jessica Jones 7.5/10
2. Daredevil 8/10
1. Punisher 9/10

Thanks for reading! Do you agree with my ranking? What’s your favourite intro theme?

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