Creative Coin Launches On Steem Engine – More Support For Musicians!

Steem Engine is allowing people to create reward tokens for specific communities and I was excited to see that @swelker101 & @isaria have just launched “Creative Coin” targeted at musicians and artists (thanks @drumoperator for letting me know!).

As I found out that the STEEMLEO tag was reserved for trading posts I swapped it out for the new “creativecoin” tag in the content generator on so you can receive the tokens when uploading to dsound.

Please read the original announcement post from @swelker101 to learn more.

Quick Reminder – If you are using the “palnet” tag on Steemit remember to claim you PALcoins AND stake them if you want to help others. If you don’t stake them they will not do anything!

Ask in our Discord if you get stuck.

Weekly Prize Draw

Who will win the crypto this week? Find out on Sunday during the live show!

The weekly prize draw, where you can have a chance to win $25 in crypto(BTS) now has 72 entries.

To enter open a free account on and listen to SoundCloud tracks. For every 10 tracks you listen to you will receive 1 ticket into the draw.

The winning ticket will be chosen via a random number generator during our Radio Evolved LIVE! show on Sundays (at 20:00 BST, British Summer Time). You can watch the show on DLive where we also stream music videos and replays of previous shows 7 days a week.

Join us on Discord if you would like to know more.


MusicVoter (Steemit)

Palnet Staked Tokens

Whaleshares Update (Current Whalestake) Update

  • 4471 members

Claim Your Palnet Tokens Regularly

Our @MusicVoter account on Steemit now rewards you with the Minnow Support Project’s PALNET token as long as you are using the “palnet” tag on your posts (included automatically in the content generator on See my original post for more information.

Remember to claim your palnet tokens daily and then either stake them to help others, use them to get upvotes or trade them for STEEM. Click on Notifications > Rewards on


Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate with millions of downloads because it not only blocks ads but also because you can choose to support your favourite content creators with the BAT crypto currency.

Please use our referral link to receive some free BAT to use to support your favourite content providers.

You’ll even be able to earn BAT by viewing ads if you choose to do so.


AIRPLAY Token Automation

AIRPLAY is now set up on Whaleshares and is listed on the Whaletoken Info Page.

So if you send AIRPLAY to the-jukebox via Bitshares you should get the reward automatically now.

Please read the introduction post to find out more about AIRPLAY.



The basic idea with this platform is that any coin/token holder can apply to add their crypto to the platform to allow tipping of content.

I have created a channel in our Discord so we can support each other in the same way we do with Whaleshares.

If you want to join us and give it a go then please help either @jhayehidio or ACR out by using one of our referral links: helps independent musicians in multiple ways:

You can sign up even if you are not a musician and still earn by following the instructions in the box on the main music player page.

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