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06 March 2018 19:31
Suriel3000KD profile pic




Hello. I am Kevin Dellinger. I have been on Atom Collector Records for a month or two. This is an official introduction. I want to thank all of you for voting for my tracks who ever you are. Also, thank you for this opportunity. What you are doing will revolutionize the music industry. You can check out my whole discography on BandCamp.
10 March 2018 12:14
JMM profile pic
Welcome to Atom Collector Records. Wishing you a good success with your music.

08 March 2018 00:54
Hobbyhorse profile pic




Hi. I`ve been here for a couple of weeks but haven`t yet introduced myself. I`m loving ACR. It`s a lot of fun to listen to music of so many different genres that I otherwise would have never heard. It`s also great to have some listening back. I love the point system. Thanks for creating this website.
I`m from Palo Alto, California (near San Francisco). If you are on Facebook, please Like our page. We do acoustic Facebook Live mini-concerts on our page every other week and of course you`re all invited!
09 March 2018 01:44
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Thanks! Followed you too as my profile (Annie) and my page (Hobbyhorse).

08 March 2018 14:15
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Followed ;-) Here is my FB link if you are interested :

08 March 2018 23:16


Hi there im also new on acr and i like this system allot. If you like Edm/House/Electro please visit my Musicoin page at . If you follow me i wil follow back ofcourse! Have a nice day.

01 March 2018 21:03


Helloooo everybody, just wanted the thank you for your support and keeping the industry alive. Special thanks to Juxta for making this possible. REAL COOL. Peace. Jason

01 March 2018 11:34
Matt Hogen

Matt Hogenson


Hello from the Puget Sound,
I`m happy to join the growing list of music creators on Musicoin. I have been constantly working on new live projects and recording projects these days and hope to share with the community as much as possible. Here is a link to my first Musicoin upload, with more quality tracks on the way.
Thank you Atom Collector Records for always being up on new music developments, sharing tools for success, and connecting artists. Musicians helping other musicians is the way to go!

27 February 2018 08:47
Breez profile pic




What`s good world!

I`m new here, and joined this community at ACR because they are pushing Musicoin hard af right now, and that is certainly the place for all independent artists to be. Someone should really pay me for this co-sign ...oh wait ...they do, because through plays of music, $ is earned. Still in beta (coming up on a 1.0) It`s fresh and worth looking into for all Musicians.

Quit your day job - Do music full-time.

I`d love to connect with you All through social media and also here @


20 February 2018 18:52
Sam Prock

Sam Prock



☮ Hey! Prock is finally here! Find all my links @ ☮

29 January 2018 22:32


Hello everybody!

I have no idea what I`m doing, I am simply a musician whose life took him in another non-musical direction. Recently I have been able to "get back to it". This site was recommended to me by a friend, and I have been enjoying the music everyone here many great musicians out there. Keep at it!

It seems like it`s harder than ever to make a career out of it, even more than it used to be (old man: "back in my day"), even with the technology and "reach" of the internet (or maybe that`s why).

Oh yeah, my website, it has all the links and stuff, sorry for the self-promotion, but I guess that is okay here.
30 January 2018 12:12
Juxta profile pic

Have a look at my new videos as I believe that 2018 has become the year we can actually start to make a reasonable amount of money from our creations!

30 January 2018 10:53
Simon Reich Music profile pic
Simon Reic

Simon Reich Music



G`Day everyone, from sunny Australia. My name is Simon Reich. I`ve been uploading on Soundcloud for a few years now & came to this site through the Crypto Currency sites that have now sprung up everywhere. Just like Clown Logi below, I`m a musician & artist foremost, but this new era of music has pushed me into the computer world. I record through Pro Tools in my home & release mostly instrumental tracks covering many different genres. My fan base is mostly interested in my solo piano pieces, so there is always one of those popping out each month. I`m hoping for this community to not only help promote my music, but create a pool of resources for my limited knowledge of Block Chain sites & internet promotion of my music.
Here are some links:
30 January 2018 12:11
Juxta profile pic
Welcome Simon!

28 January 2018 08:05
BenDiS MuziK profile pic
BenDiS Muz

BenDiS MuziK



Hi, Im BenDiS MuziK, a music producer from Germany. I produce Hip Hop / Rap Instrumentals / Beats here are some links:

Check out my music and add me to your social media.
support good music..!!!
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