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You may still post on here and you will get some replies but we would really recommend you join us on Discord as it is a very vibrant community of independent musicians.

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If you have music related services or produce that you would like to offer for $INDIE then pleases add the details and how many $INDIE the offer costs as well as your Bitshares account name for people to send you their $INDIE.

27 April 2018 09:24
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Offering audio engineering and mastering services for $indie!

Offering mastering at the following rates
1 audio file for 1000 $indie
5 files for 4000 $indie
Full EP/album length audio engineering and tonality mastering up to 1hour for 10000 $indie

Utilizing top quality professional plugins including IzoTope Ozone 8 Advanced, Tonal Control, mClass suite within Reason 10 and more.
27 April 2018 09:25
Amphlux profile pic
Please provide audio files limited to -4db peak.
Email me for more information.