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01 July 2017 12:17
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Hello again ladies and gentlemen. We`re back! :)
First, thanks for all your votes, support and comments. They are greatly appreciated.
This month we`ve included all 17 tracks from our 2002 album At Least 1000 Words.
Every track has been here before but only 6 at a time.
This month we thought we`d be bold and include all of them.
Working on album #2, HappySad:
As you can tell we are extremely prolific!
Have a fabulous July! George X Maxx X Sven X

30 June 2017 21:43



hey everyone were a recently formed #electro #house #funk duo give us a listen to hear what you been missing @truedatfunk

29 June 2017 16:20



Can I change a category for a song?
And can upload a track exclusively for Atom or does it have to be already listed on SC, Spotify, YouTube?
30 June 2017 17:14
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At the moment you have to delete the track and add it again to change the genre.

Songs can`t be uploaded here. Maybe in the future.

30 June 2017 15:04



spent a lot of time on here today - really good work guys!!
30 June 2017 17:13
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That`s great to hear. Thank you!

28 June 2017 15:40



I still don`t know what Atom Collector, as a title, means?
30 June 2017 16:12
Well you succeeded! (Esoteric isn`t exactly the term I`d use but...)

29 June 2017 13:10
Juxta profile pic
LMAO Sludgey!!!

To be honest it started with the name of a band Thom Yorke was in called "Atoms For Peace". I just had this idea of a site that collects all the sounds together from different sources but I don`t like boring names like "Music Collector" so I wanted something a bit more esoteric!

29 June 2017 04:01
Behold the Sludge
Maybe he was trying to collect a guy named Adam and he got confused :-0

25 June 2017 23:19



How do I or can I change the order that tracks appear? And how would I do that?
29 June 2017 13:11
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You can`t change the order. The system is designed to give everyone an equal chance at being heard and in turn allow you to discover some music you may not have even realised you liked!

29 June 2017 09:26
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Musical Ar

Musical Artizan



it would be nice to link the username tag on the map and be able to message or follow that way i could target artists from my region without having to search for them of the members tab.
29 June 2017 13:07
Juxta profile pic
I have been thinking about adding a lot more info on the maps. Was waiting until we had a lot more members and just trying to decide on the priorities of future enhancements.

Watch this space!

25 June 2017 22:54



Now I must admit that when I first joined Atom I got caught up in what I’ve already termed the quick click to get the credit capital needed. But when I got a warning/message of “are you a robot” I asked myself what the hell are you doing?
Unfortunately I fear that the credit system actually encourages and rewards this quick click syndrome, like the newer SC, and makes that sort of activity even more palatable. What we (read-I) want or need is more comments not some offhand and questionable congrats via clicks.

As you’ve already seen a fair amount of “do this, don’t do that” type suggestions and it does seem that you actually pay attention to them you would appear to be well on your way to having not only a pleasurable site but one that MIGHT be very worthwhile.
BTW I’m not sure that I really understand what the site’s name is supposed to mean to me.
28 June 2017 14:13
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We used to offer bonus credits Twisty but it caused the listens to decrease over time. The only way the system works at the moment is if there is a 1 to 1 ratio.

In the future we hope to have a fan version of the site so non-musicians can listen too. Then we will be able to offer bonus credits again.

27 June 2017 09:43
needs to be more credits per song , people want enough credits they wont listen long if only getting one per track .

26 June 2017 15:51
Matt Hogenson
I think it forces artists to focus on having something catchy the first 30 seconds.

26 June 2017 07:52
Juxta profile pic
Thank you for your detailed posts and kind words. The 30 second thing is something we have all discussed in the past and we have considered raising it to 60 seconds.

I think you will always get a certain group of people that are only interested in getting the credits and probably don`t even have the volume up. I`m always open to what is best for everyone and will take on board everything that is suggested.

Thank you again for your support.

26 June 2017 17:37
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You can now add up to 50 Spotify tracks.
27 June 2017 10:40
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Nice ;)

26 June 2017 08:55
Jimmy Wilt

Jimmy Wiltfalk



Take a second and click this link and youll help me and Jon Magnusson getting higher rank on the Swedish independent chart -Tank you!
26 June 2017 13:56
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The Arañads
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