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13 July 2017 16:33
Michael Sh

Michael Sharkey



I love this website. I`m listening to amazing music every day, and people are listening to mine.

Could anybody suggest any other websites to me that are just as good? Or is this the best website on the internet?

The Pious Life
13 July 2017 20:38
Flicker profile pic
Best one we know of for that kinda thing! Props to John. :)

13 July 2017 05:59
Tae The Scholar profile pic
Tae The Sc

Tae The Scholar


Hey, everyone. I`ve recently gotten into the whole making music scene. I am a college guy who makes some music on the side. Feel free to check me out. I`ll be adding new tracks pretty often when I have time.


12 July 2017 21:22
thefloodshark profile pic




Hey guys. Long time no sea,

I`m here to announce the release of my newest piece "The Man on the Porch" - made in collaboration with professional voice actor Nazeeh Tarsha, who has appeared in the animés Code Geass and One Piece, among others (

The piece is roughly 4 minutes in length and acts as a Spoken Word / Ambient music crossover. We sincerely hope you enjoy the work, which can be streamed or freely downloaded at any of the below links:

> Soundcloud:
> YouTube:
> Bandcamp:
> Website:

Have a wonderful day and night,

~The FloodShark

30 June 2017 17:16
DaveyHub profile pic



The Online Festival Playlists

Hey guys as some of you may or may not know I compile a monthly #newmusic playlist on Soundcloud which i promote on all my social feeds. It covers all genres of music and I thought it would be nice to try and give preference on my July playlist to some fellow Atom Collector members music. So all I need is links to your tracks on Soundcloud , obviously I will pick up on some tracks through the player on here but feel free to send me links directly if you wish. Only rule is that I like to try and keep the playlists as fresh as poss so no music that`s more than 3 months old. You can find me on Soundcloud as Daveyhub or on twitter as @daveyhub

Cheers everyone :)
12 July 2017 19:34
Ralf Dee
Sounds great Davey! Here`s a link to my track, one month old:

12 July 2017 19:06
thefloodshark profile pic
Hey Davey, thanks for the opportunity. I actually have 3 pieces from the last few months to throw your way:

The first two feature legendary Super Smash Bros. player Hungrybox, and the last one features professional voice actor Nazeeh Tarsha (who`s played roles in various animés).

"Here, Now and Then":

"Long Forgotten":

"The Man on the Porch":

06 July 2017 20:52
chocolate cake

05 July 2017 21:07

05 July 2017 11:10
Harri Sarpavaara profile pic
Harri Sarpavaara
Here comes our tracks:

04 July 2017 17:03
Here are 2:

03 July 2017 14:22
Great thanks man <3

03 July 2017 13:55
The Arañads profile pic
The Arañads

Thanks for the effort, man !

03 July 2017 09:34
IX profile pic
Hot off the presses, released Saturday
Also recent


02 July 2017 16:13
Bit o House for ya :-)

01 July 2017 12:21
Flicker profile pic
Hey Davey, that`s awesome! Our label do one of those too, it`s here:

I`m being prodded and asked to type "The next one is due to be published tomorrow!". There. :)

30 June 2017 17:28
Juxta profile pic

Here`s a nice fresh one for you. Uploaded today!

11 July 2017 20:29
Ralf Dee

Ralf Dee



Hi all, if you`re interested in collaboration on Spotify follow my "Friends and Followers" playlist and add one or two of your tracks. Please listen to the other tracks as well. I will follow everybody on Spotify who contributes. Here`s the link:

10 July 2017 18:17

chocolate cake


Hi. Can anyone help me with some advice on how to get tracks onto Spotify? thanks.
10 July 2017 20:22
Hi, I use
Cheers! Roman

08 July 2017 17:34
Juxta profile pic




Here`s a little tip to help people get more Spotify plays - click on the repeat icon in the Spotify app then when you play a track here, if you have to leave your computer for a while the track will get multiple plays rather than just stop at the end.

I often find myself distracted and actually listening to the track multiple times without even realising it!

06 July 2017 20:47

chocolate cake


Can anyone inform me as to how to get my music on to Spotify!

06 July 2017 20:51
chocolate cake
I meant ? Sorry. I`m not shouting at anyone .. yet

30 June 2017 19:48


Hi, can anyone help me explain how to put your image to profile?
I put in a link to a photo on google drive, but it doesn`t work. Thanks! Rinko
01 July 2017 20:46
Oke thanks! I will do that

01 July 2017 12:18
Flicker profile pic
That might be because it`s your Google Drive and it doesn`t want to share. Try posting the photo to a public site such as Twitter or FB and then linking to it.

29 June 2017 11:19
Exposed Br

Exposed Brick


The site is great & I agree with the comments made re listening to 30 seconds etc. One suggestion would be to not show chart position of a song that you are listening to in rotation. The easy access to your own chart positions is excellent. But when I listen to a track by someone else I prefer to do it without knowing whether or not other people like it i.e. have voted for it. Not knowing means I have to be more objective + (personally) I`m more inclined to vote for a track that is lower in the charts, as a way to encourage, than a track that is already riding high. Removing the chart position means that all judgements are purely on the merits of the music. Feel free to disagree! Overall the site is great.
01 July 2017 19:23
I don`t find myself to be at all influenced by chart data-even for my own tracks (that could be because I`m not on the charts l,l,l). I don`t mind seeing it but on the other hand I wouldn`t cry if it went bye-bye either.

01 July 2017 15:09
Nickillus profile pic
Personally I`m not influenced by chart position and votes already cast. I exercise my right to vote with liberal abandon, for whatever I happen to like at the time - and usually repeatedly for the same tracks over a number of days within the month. However we`re all different, and I see no issue with having the ability to turn the display off for those that find it distracting. Not sure how many folk actually vote? It would not surprise me to find out it is a small minority.

01 July 2017 12:26
Flicker profile pic
It is a very interesting idea and seeing the chart position may well influence a person`s decision to vote or not. For example, we`ve voted for a number of tracks that nobody else voted for. Show/hide might be a good option.

29 June 2017 13:05
Juxta profile pic
Interesting idea. What do others think about this?

If other`s want this then I`ll add a "hide/show chart positions" option.
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