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12 August 2017 11:42
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowe

Ron D Bowes



Please vote for my song - Costs nothing but 2 minutes of your time. Just click on the thumbs up icon top or bottom right (unless you don`t like it, of course):
14 August 2017 16:24
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Thanks Raven - Voted on yours. Can only vote once on mine. People have tried to vote more than once, but nada.

14 August 2017 15:35
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Dunno John - First time I have entered and there is not a lot of info as to when decisions are made. But it`s nice being in the charts lol. Thanks to you and the others who have voted - it`s put me back into trending ;-)

13 August 2017 10:40
Juxta profile pic
Voted. Is it worth paying the $10 submission fee in your opinion? I have signed up too.

13 August 2017 07:49
Raven profile pic
Voted for you! :) How often can I vote?
Would you please vote back? My contest runs until the 20th of August and I am in second place currently. I could really need your help..
Takes 20 seconds! =)
(Just press on "Für diesen Song stimmen", mark the checkbox in front of "Ich bin kein Roboter", again on "Für diesen Song stimmen", thats it!)

14 August 2017 11:26
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Please can you vote for JUXTA at the bottom of this page:

Thank you!
14 August 2017 15:36
Ron D Bowes profile pic
Ron D Bowes
Voted ;-)

11 August 2017 06:51
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This could be a bad day
11 August 2017 14:43
Nickillus profile pic
Holy cow. Now that doesn`t sound good.
Thanks for the heads up, John.

11 August 2017 09:59
Juxta profile pic
You can import all your SoundCloud tracks into both & Fanburst.

I would recommend it!

08 August 2017 12:35
MC Hodligan profile pic
MC Hodliga

MC Hodligan



I think the best idea is the subgenre. Just need a 2nd dropdown menu to choose a subgenre otherwise all of the genre is played... Maybe it should be possible to reset the genre on My Details page.
Should be an intuitiv thing to handle with, for the listener. Nothing complex :)
10 August 2017 14:44
Juxta profile pic
OK I think I have an idea how to do this. Even with the number of tracks that are on the system at the moment it would work. I may even show the current number of tracks in each genre so people know whether to select more or not.

10 August 2017 12:02
Juxta profile pic
"just need" :P Famous last words! It`s actually quite complicated code behind the scenes so I will have to have a good think about it.

I do however agree that it is probably the best option!

25 July 2017 14:09
Juxta profile pic




OK it`s soon going to be time for me to break the genres down a bit more.

So let`s try and get a definitive list. Obviously we don`t want to go too granular otherwise there will be some pretty empty looking categories but at the same time a few that are a bit sparse until we grow some more is OK.

08 August 2017 10:07
you could always have no genres, and just styles of songs so songs are not limited by genres,
uptempo. fun. heavy, soft. light. ambient. catchy. etc. then whatever the genre you just enter what you think best applies to the song.

07 August 2017 15:38
If enough individual categories are listed then "All" can be done away with
Rock, Metal, etc. should all be their own categories
Post rock
Not rock but not anything else (still might be Other)
Reggae might be broken down into:
Classic Reggae
Nouveau Reggae
and (what I call) White Boy Reggae or Honky Island (I understand that you might not want to call it that but...)
Jazz could be broken down into:
Classic style and Smooth
Classical might broken down into:
Small group-trios, quartets, chamber, etc.

05 August 2017 15:21
Swivelable profile pic
hierarchical may work. I think I`d rather skip one I don`t like than miss one I didn`t hear because it was not my specified genre

05 August 2017 14:54
Juxta profile pic
You raise a good point Swivelable! If we make the genres too specific then it`s hard to discover new music in other genres. However allowing multiple selections is a bit tricky (from both a programming point of view and a complexity of the site point of view).

It almost needs to be hierarchical so you can choose the genres as they are now or click to drill down further.

Hmmmmmm. I need to have a good think about this!

04 August 2017 19:38
Swivelable profile pic
Here’s how I divide my soundcloud playlists
Harder Rock (Incl Indie)
Melodic Rock (Mainly cause the Rock plylist by itself was too long. Incl alternative)
Electric Blues
City (Beats - electronic and HipHop)
Orchestral (Usually instrumental incl ambient, electronic & classical)
World (I place reggae & funk here)

04 August 2017 19:37
Swivelable profile pic
Sone tunes fit in multiple categories
My two albums are acoustic, but not folk or singer/songer. They are really rock, but neither hard or necessarily melodic.
They work in my acoustic playlist because the other ones I include are also mostly aggressive. Generally I have to categorize them as indie rock.
So classifying a posted song can be tricky the more the genres are defined.

Right now I appreciate the “Rock, Metal, Blues, Indie & Punk” category for listening because it gives me a variety. It still means I miss other genres; the more granular it becomes the less interesting it is.
=-> =-> What I would love to see is a check box for categories that I want to hear when using the ‘Next button’ so I can get a nice mix of my favorite styles while ignoring types that don’t move me.

31 July 2017 10:00
I would like EDM split a bit into Techno , house , bass (to cover d&b , neurofunk and heavier elements) :)

31 July 2017 01:18
Xenberg profile pic
Just saw this post. I vote for Ambient, Piano/Ambient or something along these lines.

28 July 2017 13:19
EDM is an affront to most european producers. House, Techno and Trance would be better. You could get real nitty gritty with this (Tech House, Minimal Tech, electro House, Psy Trance etc.) but House, Techno and Trance cover the vast majority of genres and sub genres.

27 July 2017 08:27
Indus Rush
Well, I think some of the electronica is instrumental, and some has vocal, be it only spoken word, or in some cases , a a vocal melody. Shouldn`t electronica and instrumentals be together?

26 July 2017 08:01
Tristyn kind of hit it on the head too

26 July 2017 08:01
Singer Songwriter encompasses much of my stuff.
Or Comedy
or Folk Or Folk Alternative
Country might be a good category too.

25 July 2017 21:54
I like that EDM (for example) encompasses alot of different styles. After all, this site is all about discovery. Both being discovered and discovering new music.... I like a bit of Anarchy in the system :-)

25 July 2017 17:06
Nickillus profile pic
Might it work to have the same set of subdivisions to each main heading, if it was broad enough? `Instrumental`, `Alternative`, `Easy Listening`, `Heavy` and `Ambient`, for example? I know you can suggest better . . . . .

25 July 2017 16:35
Wouldn`t punk go in rock with heavy metal etc

25 July 2017 16:07
Juxta profile pic
I have to have "Punk" just for my own benefit and I think we need "World" too.

25 July 2017 15:41
I would just have these

Blues and jazz
Singer songwriter

06 August 2017 08:28
GSA profile pic




Some probably good news :

04 August 2017 11:35
Taphophilia profile pic




Mournful salute and reverence,
I am glad to have found this very interesting platform and congratulate you all on the fine work you did and are still doing. It is impressive to see it grow and I think I will be here a while! :D
05 August 2017 15:01
Juxta profile pic
Thank you!

It will indeed be here for a LONG TIME unless all the streaming sites block me using their embedded players for some reason!

02 August 2017 04:42




Is there a way for me to add a track without all of my credits automatically being added to it?

30 July 2017 15:07


29 July 2017 08:39
Thuga MME

Thuga MME

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