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21 September 2017 15:21 profile pic



Like listening to awesome independent music? Why not contribute even more and write about it! Join our team via and apply today :) We`re receiving hundreds of submissions each week that deserve attention.

20 September 2017 23:48



I` CO, am new to this site and want to see if it works. I have a new single " Hit the Flo" take a listen.

20 September 2017 19:26
SCR Beats

SCR Beats

Hi everyone i`m new here! Could you please check my new track on SoundCloud or YouTube :

06 September 2017 18:28
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If you want to be added to any of the Spotify playlists then please follow and play regularly then reply to this post with the tracks you want added and which playlist(s): (collaborative - 300 followers)
Rock -
Indie -
Unsigned -
Electronic -
Metal -
Add & Tag -

18 September 2017 14:58
Hey there, we`d love to be on the unsigned, indie, or EDM playlists for our single Opening Night found here:

15 September 2017 15:42
Juxta profile pic
Done Kahsay

14 September 2017 20:23
Kahsay profile pic
@Juxta I`d like to add this song to the Indie list if that`s ok.

14 September 2017 15:34
Juxta profile pic
Added that to the relevant playlists Dave.

12 September 2017 20:24

16 September 2017 00:49
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To Fanburst users: We should drop this in their suggestion box: Please include track time/length. (Pretty nice analytic feature there.)

15 September 2017 07:12
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  Vote for me by giving me the thumbs up!

10 September 2017 17:48


Hello friends! Now EP "Glioblastoma" is reissued on the distributor Distrokid.
Songs are available in all popular music online stores.
Support Pleo. Upload him songs to their playlists and listen. All good and happiness.

14 August 2017 15:33
Wud Records profile pic
Wud Record

Wud Records



Dear ladies and gentlemen of ACR, we are very much bang in the middle of moving from the UK to Germany so not around much. A sea of boxes and organised chaos in varying stages of finalisation. New business property secured. Nearly everyone who is going has a new home sorted, some of us have already moved and muggins here is trying to fix the remaining UK stuff. Hoping that by mid-October everything will be starting to return to whatever might be considered the new normal. Smoke us a kipper and best wishes to all.
10 September 2017 12:12
Hoping it all goes well, hope you`re looking forward to the new home

07 September 2017 14:05
Nickillus profile pic
Hope it all goes really smoothly, Wud. While we are going to miss you here in the UK, I`m sure that you aren`t going to be strangers, and we`ll be able to catch you here and thereabouts.

06 September 2017 02:31
Swivelable profile pic
I saw a new Wud track up on ACR. You all getting settled in?

17 August 2017 14:28
Swivelable profile pic
Guten Tag! Happy trails & smooth sorting! Here`s to leaving nothing (important) behind, and refinding it when needed.

26 August 2017 13:52 profile pic



Have you ever wondered why one artist has thousands of plays and you only get a dozen or so a month? When you want to be more successful on Spotify, getting your music featured on Spotify playlists is really important. But how do you find all those playlists? How do you contact playlist curators? How do you know which playlists end up adding you? These are all important questions that we’ll answer in this article. Including a massive list of 25 Spotify playlists and curators that you can submit your music to right away.
06 September 2017 02:30
Swivelable profile pic
This is a great help, Thanks! Spotify takes a little more figuring out, and your page really highlights needed details. Nicely done.

22 August 2017 23:27



Hey John. I`m not sure I like the new way, when you top up your credit, is working for me. You gotta hit the button, wait to confirm each time now and your new credit doesn`t show until you hit update, so if your loading up on credit you gotta count in your head how much credit has gone on to each track. Just a thought Bro. I liked the other way.
06 September 2017 02:25
Swivelable profile pic
the "Show Embedded Players" checkbox helps a fast load when needed and a trackname when wanted. Very helpful addition!

04 September 2017 19:01
Juxta profile pic
Good idea about the "don`t show this again".

The whole credit update thing will be revamped as soon as I can find the will to work out the javascript code to do it!

We have had a few donations in recently so I may be able to pay someone to code this for me, which will speed things up!

03 September 2017 15:02
chocolate cake
I am not the biggest fan either.

31 August 2017 15:47
Perhaps we can set, somewhere, a total number of credits we`d like to start with and then our total can be topped off to that amount on each track and every time it falls below that number. Or would that not be technically possible?

31 August 2017 14:38
Swivelable profile pic
I agree with irishjohn. This way takes longer and needs a lot of mouse moving to slightly speed it up. I also like how you knew when credits were used up before. I don`t want to go back to page reload every credit add tho, with the SC waveforms taking forever to load. Getting rid of the "Credits Updated` pop-up with a "don`t show this message again` checkbox would really help.

23 August 2017 06:25
Juxta profile pic
Interesting. I have also had a lot of comments about how people really like the change especially if you have a lot of tracks as you don`t have to scroll down to find each track.

I`ll have a think and see if there is another way to do it.

I know it can be done so that the credits update on the main screen without having to refresh but it`s beyond my capabilities at the moment.

Let me have s chew on it.

23 August 2017 01:10
Aquaerials profile pic
I agree. I found this super confusing and actually thought the feature for allocating credits was broken for the past few days. I was just coming here to ask if anyone else was experiencing the same problem and your post finally made me realize what was happening.
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