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26 September 2017 16:22



A strange one (well at least for me it was strange)-I was just doing a listen today trying to build up my credits after being away for a week and I saw (I mean actually saw) my credits go down. This has happened several other times today but I thought I was just miscounting but now Im not so sure. Have a look into this please John.
29 September 2017 16:07
I understand the possibility of credits going down as you`re watching because others might be listening, but I have no idea if that is/was the case here. My credits didn`t go down below zero they went I think from something like 38 to 36 or perhaps just one point. And I don`t understand what you mean when say "...tracks are grouped together..." Yes, as I indicated, I have seen it happen but on an individual track.

29 September 2017 11:13
Juxta profile pic
hmmm. I`d hoped we had fixed this. There is a bit of a bug that can make your credits go below zero for a while when you apply credits to tracks.

Obviously credits can go down if people are listening to your tracks faster than you are listening to others. If all your tracks are grouped together then this can quite easily happen. However the unallocated credits should not go down. Have you seen this happen?

27 September 2017 18:39
Musical Artizan profile pic
Musical Artizan
yes i got a negative credit score

29 September 2017 14:26
Mystic Tape Deck profile pic
Mystic Tap

Mystic Tape Deck


We recently finished recording a re-imagining of Talking Heads` "I Want To Live" with a whole new arrangement and instrumentation. It was an epic effort on our part, we used Ukelele, Spanish/classical guitar, Harmonium, Electronic shruti box, google translate voice (not sure what "her" name is though), marimba, and the usual slide guitar, drums/percussion and vocals. We are quite proud of our work on this one and we hope you enjoy it too.

We actually applied for and received an interactive digital streaming license for the cover version - one, to test the waters on what that process is like, and two, because there is nothing like getting shut down and possibly sued by your favorite band. So now, every time you listen to our track, David Byrne gets a penny lol.

So, let`s make a blip on his bank statement! Listen and upvote here: (if you dig it)

Thanks for all the reposts and action so far, the atomcollector comm

29 September 2017 00:53
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Would like to get in on the follow Friday tweets! @detroitdrock
29 September 2017 11:17
Juxta profile pic
Just adding you now. Anyone else?

27 September 2017 18:38
Musical Artizan profile pic
Musical Ar

Musical Artizan



hi i have a new playlist its my complete collection on spotify will grow as i add new music

27 September 2017 13:55
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I`d like to show my new tracks to all of you!
check them out here:

26 September 2017 20:16
LevelUpEnt(KyBoyZ) profile pic




Check us out please

25 September 2017 15:23
BLEAECK profile pic




just wanted to share that we are running a benefit campaign for Ohio (USA) prisoners. This also involves our first vinyl pressing - very exciting stuff! All proceeds go directly to BlackDiamondPrisonerSupport aka AbolishColumbus Anarchist Black Cross who have taken on the task of distributing Prison Action News (PAN) to some 70 prisoners Ohio-wide. This publication features prisoner-writings nationally and internationally (Boston-based org)...
If you love experimental music and vinyl records, this is for you (& anyone you might think of to share it with). Or if you`d rather just throw down $5 for some digital downloads, everything helps! All support super welcomed!

15 September 2017 20:07
Juxta profile pic




The ACR SoundCloud Repost Network - earn 10 credits per repost account

Have you seen those massive repost networks on SoundCloud? (Just search "repost" and see).
Well they use a tool that automatically reposts tracks across all their 1000s of accounts.

I want to try and build something similar for ACR members and I need your help!

All you have to do is set up a repost account and then message me the account login details so I can add it to the network.

If you have an existing one that you would like to add to the network but not give me access too then that`s fine, just message me the URL of the repost account and I will reply with instructions.

It would be best if you update the images on the repost account but it`s not compulsory.

25 September 2017 13:44
Juxta profile pic
Just message me the user id & password for the account.

If you don`t want to let me have the password then just message me the user and I`ll send further instructions.

25 September 2017 08:37
how can i send you login account details?

24 September 2017 12:38
how can i set up a repost account? i didn`t understand D:

17 September 2017 11:16
Juxta profile pic
Just keep spreading the word!

16 September 2017 18:42
The Cruel Horizon
That was aewsome, thanks again for the help. Got about 50 reposts since the. Can I do anything in return besides reposting? The Cruel Horizon

24 September 2017 03:16
Trendlaser profile pic




Note to all Spotify artists. Seems we could all use some help here. I will follow anybody on Spotify who follows me (if I haven`t already). IMPORTANT: You MUST let me know via msg. here or on soundcloud. I will msg. you back when I`ve "FollowedBack" ASAP.-From your friendly neighborhood TRENDLASER.

19 September 2017 17:48
Juxta profile pic




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