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19 June 2018 12:19
Robert Watson profile pic
Robert Wat

Robert Watson



My new digital album "Groovalistic Moods" will be released on July 17, 2018. Be on the look out for it.

14 June 2018 15:43



Is anybody else seeing that there`s no longer a + in/on Choon?
18 June 2018 12:06
Juxta profile pic
Thanks Wink! ;-P

15 June 2018 16:05
winkandwoo profile pic
yeah i know man saw your vid too great as always with info and stuff , big up to you, and i see you have already added the choon playlist ap , god you are a wiz !

14 June 2018 18:26
Juxta profile pic
There has been a fantastic update to Choon. See my video:

14 June 2018 02:59
winkandwoo profile pic





I think choon is a really well designed sight , professional, aesthetically pleasing, and works on all clicks . and you can upload WAV. files witch instantly brings the sound quality in .

09 June 2018 16:58


Hi John - I just noticed all of my tracks have been wiped out from the site. Is this a site wide issue? Should I reupload my tracks or is this something that just needs to be fixed?
10 June 2018 09:06
Juxta profile pic
have messaged you

08 June 2018 00:52
A New Kind

A New Kind

Hello guys! I uploaded a new song, called Rebel Nation. It`s Unfinished tho, and I want to have some feedback. Can you help me? Thanks!

06 June 2018 11:17
iconDARK profile pic




How much soundcloud activity is there in the player? I`ve had some points allocated for a day and no plays. One of those days was the "soundcloud day" that earned $INDIE... still nothing. Is that normal for SC; or is something wrong?
07 June 2018 12:30
Juxta profile pic
Hi. I checked and you only have 1 track in rotation and you had 1 play.

As the site uses a rotation system you will not get many plays with 1 track. If you add more tracks you will get more plays. I would also recommend joining and adding tracks to other sources.

31 May 2018 11:40
Walter Fini  profile pic
Walter Fin

Walter Fini



A new dark ambient soundscapes, ancestral trip in wide space
Listen here :
Or here :

29 May 2018 19:07

Shoestring Therapy

Made a kind of pop punk / retro wave album and video. Thanks in advance for taking the time and checking it out!

28 May 2018 17:29
Scott Watson profile pic
Scott Wats

Scott Watson


Hello. This is my latest track. A collaboration over the Internet with two artists based in the Netherlands:



21 May 2018 20:51



I`m a bit cornfused here. I`ve listened to tracks on Choon and hit the + button to add to the artist`s credits there but as there isn`t a vote button on ACR how do my credits get advanced for the listen here?
25 May 2018 16:15
Juxta profile pic
The + button has nothing to do with ACR it is happening on the Choon site in a window here.

THe play credits work in the same way as any other source - you listen to a track and gain "Choon Play Credits" that you then allocate to your own Choon tracks.
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