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Indie label since 1984. Due to Brexit we left Brexeter in 2017 and went on a Grand Brexodus. Now brefugees living in brexile from the Fragmenting Chavdom of Totally Shit england, and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Home to Flicker, Dark Company, Pok the Bard, The Bastard Sons of Dennis, Alchemeon, Clonk!, Doctor Watson, The Ug Brothers, Alien Heat, Rough Terrain, The Subterraineans, The Addled Eggs, The Masters of Drone, Laughing Sun, Wud, Lemming Meringue, Sirius Rising, Now, Fooog Dinboffin and the Release, Mark Drower and the Everyones.

Archive supporters of Andromeda, Ember, Goodstaff, Guarana, Murdock, Prism, Pyg, Recluse, Search Party, Spacegoats, Stephen Yates, The Chillun, Watershed.

Underground, outsider, progrock, musicianship & composition.
Champion of the underdog.

Real music or silence please. Long live the revolution!

Wud! You have just been wudded. ;-)

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